Our Education Service

We take pride on our flexible approach to providing students with a high quality education where the programme of learning is appropriate to an individual’s special educational needs. Each young person is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential and move on to higher education with accreditations.

We only accept young people who have a full statement of educational needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan from which their programme of education is individually written and overseen by the head teacher and her staff team.

Young people who attend Owlswick School do so because their education has been fragmented or has been lacking in some part and therefore there are gaps in knowledge.

We aim to close these gaps, as far as we are able, by using professional, innovative teaching methods to enable every young person to leave Owlswick School with the ability to look after themselves in the future and participate fully in work or further education. To this end we focus greatly on literacy and numeracy skills.

It is our belief that young people can only learn in an atmosphere of fairness and trust and so we strive daily to enable our students to obtain achievements for life.

Our education team offers:

  • A high ratio of teaching staff to young people in classes which will not exceed 4 students.
  • A staff team comprising of qualified and experienced support staff with many years of experience in this area of education and who are experts in their field.

Education is seen as a very important and positive part of young people’s lives, with staff continually praising them for achievements, both big and small.[…] Young people’s success with the service enables them to go into further education placements when they leave. One social worker said that the service `had exceeded expectations for a young person.’  – Ofsted Care Inspection Report, 2016

All staff undergo annual appraisals, monthly training days and staff meetings, and each follows a programme of CPD – Continued, Professional, Development – to ensure that all are fully involved in their own learning programme.

Our School is well resourced and equipped with an I.C.T. suite, Science room, Art area, large assembly Hall and onsite library. We use interactive whiteboards to make lessons vibrant and engaging.

We also have an ongoing School Improvement Plan which will see further additions to our resources to enable young people learn effectively.

Find out more about educational assessments and monitoring of progress.