Monitoring Progress

Monitoring progress
Every young person who first attends Owlswick School is given a detailed literacy and numeracy assessment using the Access system. This, combined with previous school records is studied by the team and appropriate learning goals and levels of work are set.
We also have a comprehensive assessment system in place whereby teachers and young people can instantly see how they are progressing or identify, and work through, difficulties.

Teacher assessment and testing occurs regularly throughout the school year and levels recorded.

Educational SSEN reviews and PEP reviews further help all involved to view levels of progress and make further targets to enhance the learning experience.

We follow the National Curriculum in a structured way but there are always opportunities to be fluid in our approach in order to aid learning for individuals who find study difficult in certain areas although core subjects are always taught.

Wherever a young person can aspire to become accredited with external examinations they will be given the opportunity to study to achieve them. All our children are given the opportunity to take examinations in GCSE Entry Level and Level 1 and 2 examinations in English, Maths and ICT. Further study within the school timetable using ASDAN gives credits that are recognised by further education colleges locally.

We also offer a post 16 learning skills course through ASDAN where students can study for Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates and we have developed good connections with local colleges.