Parents and Carers

Part of our ethos at Owlswick is to communicate and involve parents and carers and we aim to work together in partnership throughout the young person’s placement.

This includes engaging in discussions/planning about the education and care their young person will receive.

Parents and carers are consulted about the placement.  It is important that you give us your views, about the type and range of support, that your child will need.

Parents and carers are always invited to review meetings and positively encouraged to attend in order to contribute their feedback about the placement and progress of the young person.

Key workers establish and maintain contact with individual parents and carers in order to ensure there is regular communication and feedback about individual progress as well as dealing with any issues as they arise.

Young people settle in very soon after admission. They quickly develop strong relationships with the staff team, particularly individual key workers. This enables young people to make rapid progress and to develop trust, knowing that the staff really do care about them and their future lives.    Ofsted Care Inspection Report, 2016


Parents and carers views are also used to shape and influence the way in care and education is provided at Owlswick in order to support our aim of continuous improvement.

All feedback is considered and where possible acted upon in order to ensure that we demonstrate responsiveness and are meeting the needs of all the young people placed with us.

We like to include you in the life of Owlswick, and will invite you to parents’ evenings, sports days, concerts and other events.