Welcome to Owlswick School and Children’s Home

Owlswick is an independent school and home where children and young people can be assured that they will be nurtured, supported and valued as individuals. 

We aim for everyone to achieve their ambitions and prepare for life as young independent adults.

We provide care and education services for young people who have mild learning difficulties, emotional/social issues and associated challenging behaviours.

Placements are provided for young people, for both boys and girls. We have both an outstanding education and care staff team who are highly trained and experienced in working with the young people who live and receive their education at Owlswick.
Our staff are also committed to enabling each young person in our care and education to achieve their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment.

Make a Referral

We currently have one residential vacancy for a young person.

We can offer a range of flexible placements dependant on individual needs; these can be anything from 38 to 52 weeks. We also offer day placements.

To make a referral please contact Leon the Registered Manager at referrals@owlswickschool.co.uk or on 01273 473078

Recent feedback received from one of our Young People:

It has been a long time since I have been in contact! So I thought an email would be nice. Since I last came to Owlswick a lot has happened. First, it was the GCSE season! Then a short course at a film academy! I am now at college completing a course in Film and Television production, This is a course I am really passionate about and I seriously believe that Owlswick really inspired this and I honestly think that if it wasn't for the staff I doubt I would have pursued this career path. And for this, I will be forever thankful. At the time I may not have felt this way but Owlswick was a good place for me and many other students. The nurturing environment helps students more than most would expect. The support that staff give was extremely exceptional! While I was there it honestly felt that the staff cared (unlike many other schools) and this is the best way to be. I would like to thank all the staff at Owlswick for this. I will be eternally grateful, And I wish the best for all students past, present and future.