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Owlswick School and Home has written a statement in response to the Ofsted report dated 3-4th October. We do not agree with the interpretation of the Ofsted inspectors view of our children’s home and have asserted our right to respond to the judgements made in a public manner.

We respectfully request that any person who is reading the current report also reads the statement from the home and our response to the statements and judgements made within. 

We actively welcome visits in order for any external person/s to make their own judgements on our home. We are very proud of Owlswick and the achievements made by our young people and our experienced staff team and want these to be shared with visitors.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any queries you may have. 

2018 Ofsted Home Inspection Report

Owlswick statement in response to Ofsted inspection report October 2018

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