Our Education Service

We take pride in our flexible approach to providing students with a high quality education where the programme of learning is appropriate to an individual’s special educational needs.

Each young person is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential and move on to higher education with accreditations.

We only accept young people who have a full statement of educational needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan from which their programme of education is individually written and overseen by the head teacher and her staff team.

Young people who attend Owlswick School do so because their education has been fragmented or has been lacking in some way.

Our teaching team utilise innovative teaching methods to enable every young person to embrace learning and gain the most positive experience of education possible. Our aim is for each young person to eventually leave Owlswick School with the ability to look after themselves in the future. This includes the daily life skills we all need to navigate modern life, as well as the confidence to support themselves through vocational training, employment and/or further education.

It is our belief that young people need to feel stable and emotionally secure in order to be  able to learn and participate in their education.  By embracing the Thrive approach in our setting all our teaching staff are committed to supporting our young people as they learn to manage the impact of trauma upon the way they engage with the challenges which learning can present.

Our education team offers:

All staff undergo annual appraisals, monthly training days and staff meetings. They also participate in CPD – Continued, Professional, Development – to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date.

Our School is well resourced and equipped with an I.C.T. suite, Science room, Art area, large assembly Hall and onsite library. We use interactive whiteboards to make lessons vibrant and engaging.

We have a robust School Improvement Plan which is being implemented by our School Governors and Education Team. This plan seeks to make significant developments in the areas of teaching, learning and assessment, and will see the introduction of further resources to enable our young people to learn and engage in learning more effectively.

Find out more about educational assessments and monitoring of progress.