What are people saying about Owlswick?

I feel safe here (at Owlswick) and I know that I can talk to the staff about anything I am worried about as they will listen to me and try and help.

Feedback from a young person

‘We are really pleased that even through all of the struggles the young person had at Owlswick, you guys were able to sustain his placement for so long and eventually move him on really positively. It was great that he now has a job to go to and will be attending college on a day release.

Feedback from a Social Worker

The first thing I want to say is ‘wow’ I have been impressed with the protocol, practice and performance of the home. I can see how settled the young people feel and comfortable they are with the staff.

Feedback from a new member of staff

I’m sorry to hear about the recent loss of your dog, I can imagine how sad you must be feeling right now. Thank you for being there for me at all times. We can have a lot of laughs and jokes which makes me happy.

Feedback from a young person to a member of staff

I feel calm here. At my last home I got angry and upset because there was lots of shouting and this made me join in. ‘Staff did not shout when the hoover was broken. That would not have happened where I lived before.

Feedback from a young person

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to the young person over the past four years. He has demonstrated good attachments to your guys which is really great and his time at Owlswick was very positive.

Feedback from Social Worker regarding a young person in their care

I really really like it here. Unlike other homes I have worked in you can see the relationships you have with the young people and the trust they have for you all. Whatever issues they have they can come to you with anything and you will help them. Usually children with emotional and behaviour needs are so weary of adults.

Feedback from a new member of staff to the Registered Manager

The service is a brilliant service and the staff are wonderful and a real ‘home’ but at the same time there is a professional feeling to the place.

Feedback from a parent to the Deputy Manager

The service [had] exceeded expectations for a young person.

Feedback from a Social Worker to an Ofsted Inspector:

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