Statement of Purpose

The Children’s Home Regulations 2015, Regulation 16 (1) requires that Owlswick School and Home have in place a written Statement of Purpose for our Children’s Home.

In addition, Regulation 16 (2) requires that we provide a copy of this document to Ofsted and that we also make a copy available upon request by:

It is the Registered Manager’s responsibility to take a positive approach to Regulation 16 (2) by providing a copy of this document to those individuals above rather than this having to be requested.

This Statement of Purpose details all elements of service provision, for example this includes:

This is a critically important document for  Owlswick School and Home, but more importantly for the  children and young people who use our services, their families and placing authorities.

It is the primary foundation for the service that we provide at Owlswick School and Home and how we deliver the service. It is the practise and management template that we aim to adhere to and be measured by. It is a stated means of how Owlswick School and Home will aim to ensure we put children’s and young people’s rights at the forefront of all we do.